Honouring Me

I’m learning to honour myself,
I feel my emotions as they spread through me, like a river with its tributaries
Sometimes the river is a quiet flowing stream
Other times, it’s a raging torrent that bursts its banks
Smashing onto the earth below.

I’m learning to honour myself,
It’s raining, its dark, the air is brisk
I need shelter and comfort, as not to resist
I retreat into my cosy nest
And as I take my refuge, I succumb to the now
Because in this present moment, there’s nowhere I’d rather be
Than here in this peaceful slumber with me.

I’m learning to honour myself,
No plans, no rules, no responsibilities
To do as I please, I’m liberated, wild, and carefree
And I don’t care for anything that doesn’t align with me
My pleasure is to derive joy from synchronicity.

I’m learning to honour myself,
I hear the sound of the ocean, it’s calling to me
Come closer, I want to invite you to play
So I bask in the sun and I make my way
I relinquish my fear, and agree to the terms
And dive under the waves, it’s their wildness, I yearn
No resistance, no harshness, no compromise, I’m free
The water it soothes, cleanses and revitalises me
We are in this together, and the way forward is clear
So I allow myself to trust, there’s no need for fear.

I’m learning to honour myself,
I feel the breeze, as it brushes against my skin
My naked feet caress the soft earth beneath
The leaves, they blow across my path
I smell the subtle fragrances of nature, it’s vast
And admire all that is, while I relish this moment in time.

I’m learning to honour myself,
As I look forward to the times where I’m alone
To cherish myself, as my own
For this is the place I most long to be
It’s the one place I know how to honour me.

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