I'm Nadiene, founder of FEEL Collaborative. I'm here to help you build a stronger, trusting loving relationship with yourself.

At FEEL, we know that every woman has the capacity to change her life into something spectacular.

For the longest time women have been told how to, act, look, think, what to strive for, and what to accept. These expectations are not only unrealistic. They set women up for disappointment and a life that’s not their own. The pressure to conform is not healthy or sustainable. It actually keeps women distracted from what really matters.

These societal priorities are not the priorities that women choose for themselves. But in trying to meet these expectations, women become disconnected from themselves. And loose sight of who they really are. These days women feel pressured to meet their societal responsibilities. That they will go to great lengths to ensure their roles are met. Even if it means they have to take a back seat in their own lives. Because if they don’t, they may well feel they’ve failed. Or even worse, believe that they are inadequate or simply not enough. What ever happened to the importance placed on being authentic?

In order to be authentic, a woman must know and truly value herself.  Abraham Hicks once said, “You are enough”. His message was clear. You don’t have to aspire to feel worthy, valid, acceptable, or loved. Because  you  already are all of those things. You just have to realise it. 

" Self awareness provides us with a clearer understanding of what is going on for us. Both on the inside us and the out "

Our current culture is impacting on all aspects of a woman’s being, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It’s no wonder woman are feeling confused, alone, disillusioned and disconnected from themselves. Now is the time, for women to take back their power and stand in their own right. To turn their focus inwards and get reacquainted with themselves. So they can create a more authentic and meaningful life. One that is in alignment with who they truly are.

The FEEL Collaborative is committed to helping women find out who they are through their internal environment.

The FEEL Collaborative is:

+     A  dedicated source of inspiration, encouragement and support for women who want to get to know themselves better

+    A solid foundation for women to navigate their lives with greater confidence and ease

+    A resource that provides practical wisdom, accurate information, mindful tools and practices that enables conscious change

+    A starting point for breaking down personal barriers, dispelling out-dated beliefs and personal mistruths

+    A place where women can reconnect with themselves and like minded others.

We want to help you focus on you. So you can experience greater freedom, fulfilment, abundance and joy.

Imagine having the opportunity to develop a beautiful relationship with yourself, one where you direct your love and attention to you. And in making this your regular practice you create a new, more authentic way of being in the world. One where you are the centre of your universe.

Everything we do at the FEEL Collaborative focuses on YOU. So why don’t you join us? We’ll provide you with the space, the means and the tools, to create meaningful and lasting change in your life. And together we’ll nurture the seeds of change.

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