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A Community For Women Seeking Heartfelt Connection

"Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes” Carl Gustav Jung

Welcome to the FEEL Collaborative.

FEEL is a motivational influencer for women seeking a deeper, more heartfelt connection with self.

We provide inspiration, practical wisdom and lifestyle tools to women who want to develop their self awareness and a more profound ‘sense of self’. As a woman’s self awareness grows, so does her self confidence, self acceptance, self reliance and self love. This combination is potent and brings with it many opportunities for positive and meaningful change.

We use social media to deliver daily inspiration, practical wisdom and positive vibes through, blog posts, motivational quotes, tips, newsletters and articles. We also provide information, advice and lifestyle tools to develop women’s self awareness through, online groups, face-face workshops, forums and womens’ events throughout Australia.

We advocate for self motivation & self exploration, for each woman to engage in their own personal journey, as a means to understanding more about who they are and what they really want out of life. Our messages encourage women to regularly reflect, release, reframe, refocus & rebuild areas of their lives to help them realign with their true nature. It is our hope, that women will take back more of their time and energy to use on themselves, to reconsider what really matters to them. So they can get to work on creating a life with greater authenticity, love, joy and meaning                                                                                   

“The unexamined life is not worth living”  Socrates.

“And then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do being nice. It was about being real, authentic. Having boundaries. Honouring my space first, others second. And in this space of self-care being nice just happened, it flowed not motivated by fear but love.”

Michelle Olak

FEEL helps you reset your brain, rewire your heart, create a positive mindset and reconfigure your priorities, so you can redo your life in the most authentic way.
Nadiene is one of the most inspiring women who has such a profound and deep understanding of life. Each area of life can have so much depth and Nadiene has explored and lived so many examples of finding it all.  When she writes it stirs. It’s almost like she is channelling a wiser ancestry.  I don’t say that lightly but she is truly a gift. She blesses all that touch her energy. Alexandra Andrews

Life & Business Coach

I have been blessed to have known Nadiene for 15 years. Her inspiration and motivation are infectious. Nadiene’s life journey has brought her to a point in her life where she can create a supportive, inspiring and collaborative network for like- minded souls. Where she can unite and connect together people with her wisdom,
boundless energy, inspiration and spiritual guidance on a regular basis. Looking forward to all that unfolds… Judy Nunn

Registered Nurse

Nadiene is an extremely intelligent and passionate hard-working woman who is willing to help and support others; her attitude demonstrates that she is really interested in sharing her knowledge and experience. I consider that she is really professional, understanding and caring at the same time. She is a great listener and really knows how and when to come up with a good piece of advice or a word of encouragement. She is an open-minded woman who is able to work with people from different cultural backgrounds and different outlooks. She demonstrates creativity and interest in finding new ways of approaching different situations. Nadiene is extremely respectful when addressing other people and me. She respects opinions and contributions coming from different perspectives and expresses her points of view with clarity and candor. She knows how to interpret experiences and come up
with a solid perspective. Finally, I think she is very spiritual and has a profound outlook on life. She knows how to encourage, challenge and motivate people. She has taught me that you can always take a lesson from everything. Manuel Guerrero Aponte

Professor / English as a Foreign Language Bogota, Colombia

“Finding oneself and one’s path is like waking up on a foggy day. Be patient, and presently the fog will clear and that which has always been there can be seen.

The path is already there to follow.”

Rasheed Ogunlaru

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